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Sanatorium Kilchberg

Patients with supplementary insurance

The private clinic Sanatorium Kilchberg is the oldest and most tradition-rich facility in Zurich for treating all types of psychological illnesses found in adults. For 150 years now, we have been helping, treating and caring for people with psychological illnesses. We offer outpatient, semi-residential and residential psychiatric-psychotherapeutic treatments based on the latest scientific findings. We are particularly skilled and experienced at treating affective disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, stress-related illnesses, eating disorders as well as administering therapy to patients with geropsychiatric illnesses. In addition, we have a number of internal medicine and neurological specialists, a neurological consultation service, and complement our medical and psychotherapeutic services with specialised treatments.

Senior consultant, Prof. Katja Cattapan, is directly responsible for treatment and overall coordination. Treatment objectives and measures are determined and evaluated in connection with a weekly interdisciplinary round of patient visits under the direction of a senior consultant. The therapy plan is based on the individually-tailored, biopsychosocial treatment model with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy.

In addition to medical consultations, all patients with supplementary insurance can also avail of individual therapy consultations with specialist psychologists. The individual therapy is supplemented by disorder-specific group therapy programmes. An important component for recovery is our extensive and attractive range of specialised therapies, to which patients with supplementary insurance have priority access. As part of their medical care, patients with supplementary insurance can receive regular visits from internal medicine specialists or they can schedule appointments if necessary. Neurological care, including treatment of sleep issues as well as epilepsy and pain management, is provided by two neurological specialists.

For our patients with semi-private or private insurance, we offer comfortable and modern one or two-bed rooms in special wards that have a considerably expanded and enhanced range of amenities.

Outpatient services
The treatments offered by our outpatient clinics are geared towards people with psychological illnesses who do not require residential care. This includes conditions such as depression, manic-depressive illnesses, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, forms of schizophrenic disorders, adjustment and stress disorders, dementia and addictive disorders.

The services offered by the outpatient clinics of the sanatorium should be viewed as supplementing the services already offered by registered doctors and psychologists in the region.

 Outpatient clinic
  • Individual therapies
  • Group therapie (Flyer in German)
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Neuropsychological evaluations
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • Special consultations
  • Counselling for family members
  • Social counselling
  • Consulting and liaison work
  • Geriatric psychotherapy
  • Memory clinic
  • Memory training
  • Geriatric psychiatry and neuropsychiatric treatment
Residential services

Sanatorium Kilchberg has three private units that treat patients (with supplementary insurance) with a wide range of mental illnesses; these units offer both superior medical care and accommodation on a par with an upscale hotel. If patients with supplementary insurance have obsessive-compulsive or eating disorders, they are given priority and admitted to the psychotherapy unit, where they will receive specialised, disorder-specific treatment. The same holds true for patients with dementia, who are treated in a special geriatric psychiatry unit. The relevant senior consultant is directly responsible for treatment and overall coordination. 

  • Belvedere burnout unit

    The “Belvedere” private unit was opened in 2013 to treat burnout by means of residential care. Our patients are assigned a tastefully decorated single room with a shower, spacious wardrobes, desk, safe and mini-bar.

    In addition to the pleasant atmosphere, comparable to one found in a refined hotel, patients can enjoy a panoramic terrace with a spectacular view of Lake Zurich. The unit also has its own spa with a sauna and steam bath as well as a fitness area.

    The idyllic location, spacious park and tranquil surroundings of Sanatorium Kilchberg high above Lake Zurich – with a view of the Glarner Alps – combine to create an atmosphere in which patients can relax and escape from everyday stress. However, our patients do not have to forgo cultural and leisure activities in the city: The centre of Zurich can be quickly and easily reached in 15 minutes by bus, train or car.

    Our culinary offerings are both appetizing and nutritious, and are geared toward the patient’s specific needs. We offer à la carte options as well as snacks, plus a large selection of non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Private units F and E

    Unit F is a mainly open unit and has 17 treatment slots, whereas unit E is an open unit for 17 patients. In a pleasant and peaceful environment, we treat patients with various psychiatric illnesses. A large percentage of the patients in the private units suffer from affective illnesses (burnout, unipolar depression, adjustment disorder, bipolar disorder, chronic depression, anxiety disorder). In addition to these, many patients also have psychosomatic problems such as chronic pain and sleep disorders. We have also developed disorder-specific concepts and gained much experience with respect to treating other illnesses. A thorough diagnosis and individual therapy planning are very important to us. Specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy, neurology and internal medicine, as well as psychologists ensure that we can provide comprehensive medical care and treatment. In addition to a visit by a special consultant, regular medical and psychological-psychotherapeutic counselling and support by caregivers, patients with supplementary insurance have access to a variety of specialised therapies (incl. physical therapy, sport and exercise activities, massages, creative arts) and therapy groups. Moreover, it is very important to us to work together with the families of our patients in a trusting and constructive manner; we are also happy to provide counselling for couples and family members.

    Our patients are provided with large and tastefully furnished one or two-bed rooms with a TV, telephone, safe, mini refrigerator, spacious wardrobes, bathtub or shower, and a beautiful view of Lake Zurich or the garden.

    It is also possible to be admitted to the private units during the day or night, even at the weekend. If requested, we offer preliminary consultations with a consultant or senior consultant. The administration can provide assistance when it comes to clarifying health insurance coverage issues.
  • Psychotherapy unit A
    At our psychotherapy unit, we treat people with obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, burnout syndrome and anxiety disorders. However, the main focus is on the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder and eating disorders. Our therapy follows an integrative approach with an emphasis on cognitive behavioural treatment. As much as possible the therapy follows scientific based principles of therapy and is chosen and adapted to suit the needs of our patients. Individual and group psychological therapy is at the heart of our care. We can also call upon a broad range of psychological, occupational therapeutic and physiotherapeutic group therapies. Besides this, all of the typical treatment methods known to modern psychiatry can be employed for certain indications. For example, drug therapies and biological treatment procedures for depression (light therapy, sleep restriction therapy). Our patients and their relatives receive professional support from our social counselling service. Physical illnesses are treated by our internal medicine service.

    The unit, which overlooks Lake Zurich, is located in the original main sanatorium building and comprises 21 treatment places. Accommodation is offered in one and two bed rooms.
  • Geriatric Psychiatry Unit B3
    The range of treatments on offer here are designed for people aged 65 and over with acute psychiatric illnesses. Elderly and very elderly patients with special needs (e.g. complex medical, psychological and social) can avail of treatment in two geriatric psychiatry units manned by professional teams. The goals of the interdisciplinary care offered are the best-possible recovery of the patient’s standard of life which has been affected by the disease and the promotion of mental, functional and social capabilities. Essential treatment elements are psychotherapy (individual and group sessions), pharmacotherapy, specific geriatric psychiatric care, social work, activity therapy, memory training, physiotherapy, as well the organisation of outpatient support possibilities. In addition, we attach great importance to building a constructive collaboration between caregivers and relatives.

    Our secure unit houses 18 treatment places in total, also divided among single and twin rooms. We focus on the assessment and treatment of dementias, dementia-related behavioural disorders, as well as specific geriatric psychiatric rehabilitation.
Sanatorium Kilchberg offers individualised psychotherapies with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy. The objective is to cultivate individual resources and strengths, and to work together with the patient to develop a positive outlook for the future. Based on a differential, individualised therapy plan, both disorder-specific and general psychotherapeutic methods are used. We offer individual therapy, group therapies, couple therapy and family counselling. If necessary, we also carry out neuropsychological evaluations. All of our therapy methods are based on the latest findings on the effectiveness of psychotherapy and how it works.
Internal medicine and neurology
There are several doctors at Sanatorium Kilchberg who, in addition to being specialists in psychiatry, also specialise in internal medicine or neurology. The skills they provide complement our psychiatric–psychotherapeutic services and ensure that our residential and day clinic patients or – in emergency cases – outpatients receive full treatment.

These physicians offer assistance with the detection, further evaluation and treatment of physical illnesses or undesirable side effects of medication. Necessary evaluations such as, for example, lab work, ECG, ultrasound or EEG are carried out at the sanatorium. We can arrange for more extensive diagnostic measures, such as radiological evaluations or additional examinations by specialists in other fields, to be performed externally.
Social counselling
Our social counselling staff advise patients at Sanatorium Kilchberg and their family members on questions related to the areas of living, work and daily routines, finances, insurance and legal issues. The information, advice and mediation provided in this context are intended to promote autonomy and self-sufficiency.
Our healthcare and nursing services are holistic  in nature and encompass physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects. We pay particular attention to the reactions to, and consequences of, health impairments and their influence on the daily activities of individuals, relatives and groups.

For these reasons we use a person-centred recovery approach to support patients on their road to health. Care forms an important element of health promotion and encourages individuals and groups, in line with health literacy principles, to adopt health promoting behaviour and to integrate this into their daily life.

We systematically document all relevant patient needs and, in cooperation with the patient, formulate goals and individual measures. This is done to assist in creating suitable solutions with the patient which are achievable with the resources to hand. This allows for a holistically orientated, individualised patient-centred nursing, as an integrated component of multidisciplinary developed overall treatment plan.
Specialised therapies

In addition to psychotherapeutic and drug therapies, Sanatorium Kilchberg also offers further biological procedures such as light therapy, sleep restriction therapy and dark therapy, as well as the highly effective ECT (electroconvulsive therapy ECT, used with a short anaesthesia) are used. The following therapies are also offered:

  • Social counselling
  • Ergotherapy and recreational therapy
  • Kinesiotherapy  (movement therapy)
  • Music therapy
  • Nutrition counselling
spiritual counsellors
Our patients and their families have access to two spiritual counsellors should they wish to avail themselves of this support. These counsellors perform their work on behalf of the Roman Catholic and the Reformed Evangelical Church and offer their services to everyone, regardless of religious denomination.
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