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Sanatorium Kilchberg

Extensive treatment options

Sanatorium Kilchberg is a private clinic specialised in providing treatment for adults (≥ 18 years) and people of advanced years with psychological problems.

The two main pillars of treatment at Sanatorium Kilchberg are biological therapy methods (in particular psychiatric drugs, light and sleep restriction therapy) and psychotherapy with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy and its further development.

Our internal medicine and neurological specialists allow us to quickly and efficiently determine whether a physical illness is present in addition to a psychological illness.

The treatment options at Sanatorium Kilchberg are based on the latest scientific findings. Medical and psychotherapeutic treatments are supplemented with specialised therapy options (e.g. body and exercise therapies, recreational therapies, music and ergotherapy). If necessary, nutrition therapies are also available.

A diagnosis is made on the basis of in-depth conversations as well as psychological and physical findings gathered during the examination. The treatment steps are determined based on this diagnosis, taking into account the medical evidence as well as the patient’s expectations and goals. These steps are prescribed and supervised by the treating physician and discussed with the referring or aftercare family doctor or psychiatrist.
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