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Sanatorium Kilchberg

Serving patients

The two main pillars of treatment at Sanatorium Kilchberg are pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy and its further development (e.g. awareness).

In addition, we have a number of internal medicine and neurological specialists, a neurological consulting service, and enhance our medical and psychotherapeutic services with specialised treatments. We are particularly skilled and experienced at treating affective disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, stress-related illnesses, eating disorders as well as administering therapy to patients with geropsychiatric illnesses.

It is very important to us to provide our employees and external specialists with a wide range of training opportunities as well as continuing education workshops. This allows us to offer treatments that are always based on the latest scientific findings.

Quality assurance
The quality of our treatments should always be high. We ensure this by means of a well-founded, evidence-based approach and by frequently subjecting the quality of our methods to critical review. We continue to improve quality by relying on a number of versatile quality control tools that we regularly assess and incorporate into our treatments offered.

Additional expertise
We are affiliated with the following institutions and networks:

Arzneimittelsicherheit in der PsychiatrieNetzwerk Angehörigenarbeit Psychiatrie Experten-Netzwerk-Essstörungen Schweiz (ENES) Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Angst und DepressionSchweizerische Gesellschaft für Biologische PsychiatrieSchweizerische Gesellschaft für ZwangsstörungenSchweizerische Vereinigung Psychiatrischer ChefärzteVereinigung der Angehörigen von Schizophrenie- und Psychisch-KrankenPsychotherapie gegen Depressionen. Ein Forschungsprojekt der Universität ZürichZürcher Impulsprogramm zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung der PsychiatrieSchweizerische Gesellschaft für Alterspsychiatrie und Alterspsychotherapie (SGAP) Schweizerische Fachgesellschaft für Geriatrie (SFGG) Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ess-Störungen AES
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