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Sanatorium Kilchberg

Diverse and innovative

We are a modern medical centre of excellence  and one of the leading private clinics for psychiatry and psychotherapy with a clear focus on our patients' needs.

Emphasis is placed on skilled, competent, personal counselling and assistance. As part of our performance mandate we are committed to providing the best possible psychiatric care. Furthermore, as a private clinic we offer attractive treatment options for patients with supplementary health insurance. We follow an integrated approach, one which ensures the greatest possible individual and tailor-made therapeutic plans for our patients.

We are committed to our employees and offer interesting work placements, further and vocational training for both doctors and members of the nursing staff. We foster and support our employees in reaching their goals.
Sanatorium Kilchberg AG
Alte Landstrasse 70
CH-8802 Kilchberg
Telefon +41 44 716 42 42
Telefax +41 44 716 42 14

For registration / assignments
Telefon +41 44 716 42 75
Telefax +41 44 716 43 43

Zentrum für Psychosomatik
Selnaustrasse 6
CH-8001 Zürich
Telefon +41 44 716 38 38
Telefax +41 44 716 38 40
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