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Sanatorium Kilchberg

A history of progress

The Hedinger family founded the "Pflegeanstalt Mönchhof-Kilchberg" in 1867 which is regarded as one of the first psychiatric facilities in Switzerland. Steeped in tradition, it is the oldest institute in Canton Zurich for inpatient treatment and the care of people with mental disorders. In 1905 the clinic, which by this time was a doctor-led facility, was renamed "Sanatorium Kilchberg".

In 1974, the sanatorium was reconstituted as a family-owned limited company (Aktiengesellschaft). Since 1993 our patients have been able to access the two outpatient clinics of Kilchberg and Zurich City. The new treatment building for general psychiatry, as well as the therapy centre including a sports hall, was inaugurated in 2006.  

Our particular competencies are in the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment of mood disorders, burnout, anxiety, obsessive compulsive and eating disorders as well as geriatric psychiatric illnesses. As a well-established private clinic on Lake Zurich, the individualised treatment and care of private and semi-private insured patients has long been of great importance at Sanatorium Kilchberg. 
Numbers and facts
  • 9 psychiatric units
  • 175 beds
  • 2 outpatient clinics (Kilchberg and Zurich City)
  • 450 employees


Sanatorium Kilchberg AG
Alte Landstrasse 70
CH-8802 Kilchberg
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For registration / assignments
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Zentrum für Psychosomatik
Selnaustrasse 6
CH-8001 Zürich
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